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Unifi Dream Machine Pro Network Wide OpenVPN Client

**The UDM Pro has native support for OpenVPN Client since Unifi OS V3: See an updated guide here** One of the main disappointments of Unifi’s controller software is that it doesn’t support network-wide virtual private network (VPN) clients. But there is a way to add this feature yourself using an SSH terminal. Out of the

Using a Third-Party Access Point with a Unifi Controller

In this guide I will be going over how to use a third-party access point with a router running the Unifi controller. By using VLAN tagging to assign wireless devices their own network. My Hardware Third-party Access Point For my third-party access point, I will be using the Asus RT-AX88U Unifi Controller For a Unifi

A Simple Review of Ubiquiti’s Dream Machine Pro

Ubiquiti is a company that offers networking equipment meant mostly for production environment. I’ve had Ubiquiti’s Dream Machine Pro for a few days now and have been trying out the many different features it is capable of. I like a lot the router has to offer but there are a few things that I was